Wednesday, 12 June 2013

How to retrigger PO Requisition Account Generator (in iProcurement)?


“PO Requisition Account Generator Workflow” (POWFRQAG) gets triggered to default the distribution accounts – and usually this WF is customized in most of the EBS implementation projects to support the business rule for defaulting charge account.
This process also gets retriggered automatically for change in some entities like (category, requestor etc.) depending on the line type of the PR. But the process does not retrigger for update in any other field (or DFF) in PR line and that’s where this extension is required.
This solution below will describe how to retrigger the “PO Requisition Account Generator Workflow” for change in ‘Quantity’ and this is limited to the iProcurement page [iProcurement >> Shopping Cart >> Checkout >> Requisition (Lines)] only – and it is not applicable to the ‘Requisitions’ Forms.

Solution Approach

All the fields for PR line are available in the entity object oracle.apps.icx.por.schema.server.PoRequisitionLineEO. The account generator gets retriggered for the attributes where the property AccountLineBizAttrSet is set to ‘Y’
So, here we need to extend the PoRequisitionLineEO to xxcusPoRequisitionLineEO to set the AccountLineBizAttrSet property of ‘Unit Price’ attribute to ‘Y’

Technical Details

Following steps to be done to address the customization:
  1. Copy and download entire directory structure and files from $JAVA_TOP/oracle/apps/icx
  2. To extend the PoRequisitionLineEO, create a new project and then open the package oracle.apps.icx.por.schema.server in the project. Now select the EO in the “Extends Entity” field.Save the new EO as xxcusPoRequisitionLineEO.

  1. Entity Object Wizard, click the “New from Table…” button and select your target attribute(s) [e.g. QUANTITY].  Click “OK”.  Accept the defaults for the rest of the steps in the wizard.
  1. In the System Navigator panel, highlight the EO created above.  The Structures panel will list all the attributes in the EO.
  1. Highlight the attribute QUANTITY in the Structures panel and the right-click to select the “Edit” option.  The Attribute Editor will come up. 
  2. Select Properties from the left-hand panel. Enter “AccountLineBizAttrSet” in the name field and “Y” in the value field.  Click “Add”, then Hit “OK” and save the changes.
  1. Now create the substitution for the parent (seeded) EO.


  1. Copy and to $JAVA_TOP/oracle/apps/icx/por/schema/server.
  2. Compile java files using javac command and change the permission of the class files to 777
  3. Copy xxcusPoRequisitionLineEO.xml $JAVA_TOP/oracle/apps/icx/por/schema/server and change the permission to 777
  4. FTP the substitution file xxcusIProc.jpx (in general this file is created under ‘MyClasses’ folder where the project is created) and execute the following command:
    java  $JAVA_TOP/oracle/apps/icx/por/schema/server/xxeocIProc.jpx -username apps -password <password> -dbconnection "(DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS_LIST=(ADDRESS= (COMMUNITY=TCP_COMMUNITY)(PROTOCOL=TCP)(Host= <host>)(Port=<port>)))(CONNECT_DATA=(SID= <sid>)))"
  1. Bounce OACORE and OC4J in the middle tire.

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  1. HI , Tried doing the extension as stated above for the columsn Attribute 1 and Attribute2. but . one thing noticed strange .. the entire folder structure of icx had to be plaved in myprojects instaed of myclasses , otherwise the Eo was not getting detected only.. also.. i m using Jdev for R12.2. version.. can yu pls suggest .. why this ambiguity? ... Also.. I carried on as stated above ... and then doing a make and rebuid .. there were some compilation errors that PORequisitionLinesEo not detected ( whereas the same was present in the folder structure)Can yu pls suggest on this?