Tuesday, 4 June 2013

How to Send "To Supplier" Attachments with Purchasing Notifications

How can Header and Line level attachments of the type To Supplier be sent with the Supplier Notification, at time of Purchase Order Approval?


1.  Set-up the Purchasing Options:

    •  Navigate to Setup => Organization => Purchasing Options
    •  Set the Output format to:  PDF
    •  Set the Maximum Attachment Size in MB to any value that email server can handle(e.g. 10)
    •  Set the Email Attachment File name (for example Attachment.zip)

2.  Create an attachment file on ones system
     (Word Doc, Excel File, etc.)

3.  Create a Purchase Order (PO) with Attachments

     •  Navigate: Purchase Orders => Purchase Orders
     •  Enter the required data for the PO and save
     •  Add an attachment at the header level and attachment at line level
        (Use Attachments icon - Use  'To Supplier' as the Category)

     •  Click on Save
     •  Click on the Approval button
     •  In the Email field, enter the Supplier Email Address
     •  Submit the PO for Approval

4.  The email will be received at the address entered above
5.  Save the attached file attachment to ones desktop for review

Here is the Oracle Support Document for the same
R12: Sending "To Supplier" Attachments with Purchasing Notifications [ID 797329.1]


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  1. How do you request another copy of the workflow notification email (containing po and attachments) after a PO is already approved?